square-meter reef

For 250€ you will adopt one square-meter reef. Your donation further helps financing the research and developement of the most effective methodology to restore critical reef areas, like the reef slope above. 

Your fully healthy square-meter of reef, will help other reef areas to come back to live.

Artificial reef structure

With 170€, you donate your personal artificial reef structure. On your behalf, we will build, implement, propagate, and maintain an artificial reef structure.

single corals

With only 20€ you will provide a reliable home to one coral that will be looked after from now on.


Kicked one?

We all love being in the water, but regardless of how hard we try, watersports are causing a multitude of threats to marine life. 

There is not a single diver who never broke a coral, and as there is great traffic on the reef many single incidents are causing serious trouble to our coral reef ecosystems. 

Our restoration site was almost fully destroyed by
tourist activities and is now struggling to come back by itself. 

Let's plant one!

Our “Kick one – Plant one” initiative offers you to directly give back to the reefs by supporting coral reef restoration activities. Become a proud adopter of a coral that we transplant and take care of on your behalf.

On your request, we will send you a photo of your donated reef or coral. Therefore add “photo please” and your email adress in your transaction, and we will send your photo by email.

 Plant your coral by sending 20€ via PayPal to

Our reef restoration site after the effects of excessive tourist activity
current state (19.07.2023)

Your adopted coral and its structure, that further reduce rubble movement to speed up natural resettlement.


A personal note from our founder

Hi, this is Raffael,

I would like to use that space to explain why I use Patreon as an additional source of income. I’ve founded Coral Cousins December 2021. Since then, I was spending all my time and resources on coral reef restoration. Even though we had generous support with our Coral Castle Restoration Project, I never used a single cent for my personal expenses. And honestly, I love that fact!

However, I can no longer run our operations full-time without financing my living expenses… 

One day, I found great potential in another problem that bothered me since we do Instagram. As we live in Indonesia restoring coral reefs, life just constantly comes up with great stories to tell. But most of these stories I don’t want to publish on our socials, as all data we publish makes us vulnerable without any positive outcome for our operations.

So here is where is great! Patreon helps artists, creators and conservationists to create the best of their art. Being financially independent helps me to never compromise our work in order to make a living. That means, if enough people only share a few dollars every month, Coral Cousins could use all resources to restore reef. 

With your donations you can help us keeping up the good work. Sign up in our Safe Space Community and I’ll share all the exclusive stories with you. As you are a Coral Cousin now, I will show you everything. Needless to say, but you can leave any month.

Thank you for your trust!

Raffael-Leonardo Broy